Face of Humanity

One of my inspirations is National Geographic’s Steve McCurry. His claim to fame was the iconic image “Afghan Girl”. Well, on my recent photography expedition to the north of Pakistan, I struggled to find the right face that I could claim to be the “Pakistani Girl”. I made several portraits on this epic journey but this particular image really resonated well with me. Her face and eyes lead me to reflect into her soul. Some of us can see it more clearly than others but I think everybody has some type of inner reflection. For me the Face of Humanity leads me to reflect more into the human race.


I hope folks enjoyed my last blog on education in Pakistan. Today I would like to shed some light on global educational issues. We have more than 124 million primary and secondary school-aged children who are not in school around the world. Here are some concerning statistics:

  1. The cost of providing 13 years of education to a child in the developing world is around $1.18/day.
  2. If a mother has the ability to read, then her children have a 50% greater chance of surviving past the age of five.
  3. With each year of schooling the income generating potential increases by 10%

In my recent photography expedition to North Pakistan, I was impressed that education is being given priority especially in the Baltistan-Gilgit region.

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